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Tomina Ward, CLC

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About Me

Founder and CEO of the Black Therapy Love App.  I am a 19 year Veteran, Mental Health Advocate, and have a deep love for my people.  I created the App for my family, for my friends, and for you that deal with and have that voice that tells you you're alone in your Mental Health struggles.....I'm here to tell you you're not and we are here to walk with you....

Why You Should Join Me

You should join not only to help you see life from a different perspective, but to also help others see their issues from a different perspective.  Your voice, your story, your strength may encourage someone to keep going when they thought they couldn't....

A Big Thanks

Black Therapy Love Thanks All of our supporters.  Together we can reduce the stigma that has such a stronghold in the Black Community.  Together we can make a difference, together we can help save families and lives!!!!

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